Brodhead Creek Heritage Center (BCHC) / ForEvergreen Nature Preserve is a community space owned by Stroud Township and dedicated to connecting people, land, and water through recreation and education.


The 40-acre former golf course is now a nature and fishing preserve open to the public. Bordered by Brodhead Creek, the preserve protects this important source of drinking water. Trout fishing here has been famous for generations, and this exact stretch of the Brodhead is known as the birthplace of fly fishing in America. The creek's clear, pure waters are home to naturally reproducing native trout.


Protecting this land protects scenic quality and wildlife while helping to protect drinking water safe for thousands of people downstream.

1539 Cherry Land Road East Stroudsburg PA 18301


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BCHC / ForEvergreen Nature Preserve

1539 Cherry Land Road

East Stroudsburg, PA 18301